A nationwide network of Choctaw business owners and entrepreneurs working together to build a brighter future.

ChahtaPreneurs is an exclusive network of Choctaw business owners and entrepreneurs. When you join ChahtaPreneurs, you tap into an expanded network of opportunities and partnerships designed to strengthen your foundation and help you build up your business to new heights of success.


You and your business must meet each of the following qualifications to be eligible for membership in the program:

Requirements for You

Be a registered member of the Choctaw tribe

Own 51 percent or more of your business

Requirements for Your Business

Be a registered business

Be a full-time business

Requirement for Membership

Offer an exclusive discount on your products or services to other ChahtaPreneurs (determined case by case)

Benefits of Membership

  • Exclusive access to the ChahtaPreneurs business locator map
  • Free coverage in the Biskinik
  • Opportunities to partner with other ChahtaPreneurs
  • Free access to online training and resources
  • Free access to training events
  • Discounted rates for the Small Business Development annual conference
  • Eligibility to apply for and receive annual awards

When you’re ready to grow your business through the benefits of exclusive member discounts; free training resources, services, and events; and so much more, submit your application.

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