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Choctaw Small Business Development provides a single source entry point to Choctaw tribal entrepreneurs (Chahtapreneur) that want to start or expand their businesses within Choctaw Nation’s 10 ½ county territory. Chahtapreneurs that utilize services will receive specialized assistance through one-on-one business counseling, training workshops, an extensive network of business assistance programs, and access to other educational networking opportunities.

Technical assistance will include, but not be limited to:

  • Business Planning
  • Business Counseling
  • Business Registration
  • Minority Business Registration
  • Business Taxes
  • Marketing
  • Bid Assistance
  • Access to Choctaw Preferred Supplier Program
  • Access to other Choctaw Nation Businesses
  • Access to Financing (direct financial support is not available)


Choctaw Country

Choctaw Country Market

Choctaw Travel Plazas