Choctaw Nation Small Business Development offers multiple training resources throughout the Choctaw Nation to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn how to successfully start or grow their business.

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Our Mission

To create new jobs and economic growth within the communities of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma through our Tribal Members. Providing specialized one-on-one advising services, access to business training, networking and business resources.

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Grow Your Business

CHAHTAPRENEUR, is a name that was created by Choctaw Small Business Development in 2015. The name was created to describe Choctaw Business Owners by combining the use of two words, Chahta and Entrepreneur. CHAHTAPRENEUR, has since become the brand for an exclusive network of Choctaw business owners. When you register with Choctaw Small Business Development, you tap into an expanded network of opportunities and partnerships designed to strengthen your foundation and help you build up your business to new heights of success.

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Budgeting and Projections Made Simple

This workshop will help you understand how to create and set prices for products made, services provided, and items purchased to sell. This class will empower you to control the finances of your business.


Strategic Marketing for Business Development

This workshop will help business owners gain a better understanding of how to enhance your market position, effective use of branding and how to develop a marketing strategy that provides you with an actual return on your investment.


Microsoft Excel: Data Entry and Formatting

We’ll cover basic terminology, strategies for efficient data entry, and simple spreadsheet formatting for improved use of your data. The presenter will create a simple worksheet and show some basic formatting options, and still have time for a Q&A!


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Brenner Billy
The Choctaw Nation SBDS has helped me to create a current business model that is true to the traditions that inspire me.
– Brenner Billy
Billy Ikbi Custom Stick and Stickball-maiking