IronFed Fitness LLC

Silo, OK

IronFed Fitness, LLC is a 5,000 Square foot members-only gym. Here at IronFed, we work hard to make your experience worthwhile. Come experience a gym that is more like a family and genuinely wants to see your fitness improve. We listen to your needs, help you set goals, and we help you achieve those goals. You can be an active member at IronFed Fitness in several ways.

Sign up for one of our 6-week boot camps and enjoy having a workout designed with your goals in mind and the community atmosphere of positive, goal-oriented people. We have ongoing boot camps throughout the year to keep you on the right track, allowing you to set short-term, realistic goals.

Our members will enjoy a nutritional plan and access to our facilities anytime outside of scheduled classes. Members will have the luxury of working out on their own time if they miss a class or want to do a little extra. If you aren’t interested in the boot camps, take advantage of our Open Gym membership! For $50 a month, you can access IronFed Fitness to follow your own programming. Times are limited to outside-of-scheduled classes and training, so be sure to check the calendar to see if this will fit your schedule and is right for you.

Monday thru Thursday: 4:45AM - 6:30PM | Closed: Friday thru Sunday


3080 Silo Rd Durant, OK 74701